Editor’s Note: Here are three past posts focusing on the similar theme of the ‘other’. May the love of Jesus grow in us more and more so that we no longer see “others” as “other” but as neighbors.

What The Arab Church Can Teach Us About Racism

The church in the Middle East has seen thousands of new people from other backgrounds join, some of them renouncing their violent ways and leaving various violent groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. They share that the love demonstrated by Christians, their perceived enemies, caring for their families’ practical needs began to change their minds. Jesus’ command ‘love your enemy’ is more than a ‘nice’ adage. Love, acts of mercy, listening and kindness are formidable tools to break through pain and grievance and open doors to healing. Continue reading.

Addressing Bias in the Israeli-Arab conflict

Removing unwarranted biases against Arabs, which neither the Bible nor history sustains, would play a healing role in the Middle East conflict. It would also create a better attitude for dialogue between the antagonists. Meanwhile, prioritizing the redemptive mandate over the political agenda harmonizes well with the heartbeat of Christ in the Middle East equation. Continue reading.

Can the American Church Also Engage with the Racism Against Palestinians?

The sin of racism does not distinguish between “others;” therefore, advocacy for racial justice and reconciliation should cast the net as wide as possible – Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, Latin Americans, and other “others.” Continue reading.