About Us

Acts 2 tells the amazing story of how devout men from every nation heard of the mighty works of God in their own languages, including many from North African and Middle Eastern people groups like the Egyptians, Libyans, and Arabians. The church began that day, among Middle Easterners. Sadly, the Middle East is now a place of continual conflict, that the church does not in large part engage with or understand.

We pray, through the words on this site, that you are encouraged to live out all Jesus commanded, to love our neighbor, love our enemy, and make disciples of all nations.

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Our Purpose

The Acts 2:11 Project exists to encourage the church to love her Middle Eastern neighbors and break down the barriers of fear, misunderstanding and bias. Conversations about the region, especially among Christians, usually center on periphery issues and result in disengagement, dehumanization, and the building of walls.

We desire to shift the focus to core issues in the region and champion the cause of the Gospel, the good news for all nations, by authoring and curating biblically grounded and practically relevant content and news.

Our Contributors are leaders from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds, East and West, with deep experience in the region who are unified in heart and action to see God exalted in the Middle East, and in Middle Eastern communities across the globe.